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​​What equipment do you use?

Case CATalyst Edit, latest version; high-speed internet access

Is scoping the same as proofreading?

Scoping is not the same as proofreading.  Proofreading occurs after the transcript has been scoped and sent back to you for review.  You can do your own proofreading or hire a professional proofreader to do this work.


We will always strive to produce the cleanest transcript possible for you,  but anything that gets missed should be caught by the proofreader.

How are flags used?

If we come across something we have a question about or something we cannot resolve, we will flag it for you using the caret symbol (^) in Case CATalyst .  Flags are highlighted in blue and are easily found using the "scan search" feature.


Do I have to fill out the Reporter's Preference Sheet?

Knowing your preferences beforehand is invaluable in producing the cleanest possible transcript for you.  The preference sheet only needs to be filled out once; after that, you can email us any changes, and we'll update your preference sheet for you.

What reference materials do you use?

We draw on a wide variety of reference materials including legal and medical dictionaries, StenEd Realtime Theory, Morson's English Guide for Court Reporters, Wakeman Wells' Court Reporting: Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation, O'Reilly's Safari Technical Library, and more!

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